About Us


About Our Company

Man Singh & Sons Pvt Ltd  is a trusted brand in both in domestic as well as international markets, when it comes to premium quality Baby clothing and baby care products are concerned. Established in the year 1986 in Delhi, the company has been able to set itself in the market as a pioneer by offering superior quality baby care products that are designed and developed keeping baby’s well being and health in mind.

Backed by the vast experience of the domain, technical expertise, and connect with customers, Man Singh & Sons has been able to expand their operations even overseas and earn the trust of clients there as well. The key focus of Man Singh & Sons has been on offering products and baby accessories that not only look stylish and great but also offer complete comfort to the little angles as well as make the lives of parents much easier.

Vast Collection
Vast Collection
One of the key pillars of success for Man Singh & Sons has been the vast collection of baby care products on offer under their banner. We specialize in a variety of Baby Clothing options and Baby care products as well as baby accessories that make them not only look good but also be the best in terms of quality. The collection is designed by experts keeping in mind the feedback of customers and their needs, therefore we get a product that truly appeals and solves problems of parents.
Man Singh & Sons has been in the baby products industry for past two decades and has been witnessed all the major changes in terms of needs, requirements, technology as well as product line alternations. This gives them the essential edge to offer products that are not only in tune with current times but also that are tested against any problems that might have occurred in the past. The experience also helps us to determine the needs of different types of parents and babies.
Another cornerstone which has helped us emerge as a pivotal player in the baby products industry has been our cutting edge infrastructure. We have setup advanced infrastructure that is technologically advanced and has unhindered production capacity to offer baby accessories and clothes. Backed by high tech machines and well established setup, our Infrastructure ensures premium quality, perfect design and impeccable perfection as far as baby products are concerned.

Why Us?

Man Singh & Sons Pvt. Ltd. is actually a synonym of unmatched quality in today’s market. During the last 28 years, not even a single product has been questioned about quality because we take our dedication to quality very seriously. Raw materials and the manufacturing process are the two crucial driving factors that decide the quality of a product.

  • One stop solution for wide range of baby product.
  • Customization exactly as per customer’s specification.
  • Excellent packaging.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Timely delivery of product.