Baby Macintosh

Best Selling Macintosh For Baby

We offer soft and comfortable baby macintosh to protect your mattress from bedwetting and other stains that can be brought upon by infants. Our baby bedding products include reversible designer sheets that can be placed on the bed to protect your baby from allergens, disease-causing bacteria, fungus, and dust mites. The sheets are spill-proof and are made from the finest quality polyester fabric which is gentle on baby skin and provides maximum comfort to your baby.

Baby sheets absorb liquids easily and also carries a thin layer of stain-resistant material on the top of the sheet. Made up of PVC, these Baby Macintosh are machine washable and can be easily cleaned at home. Our range of products is specially designed for babies and we aim to provide our customers with a delightful parenting experience.

  • Soft sheets for ultimate comfort
  • Stain resistant and waterproof
  • High tensile strength
  • Attractive and stylish colors