Baby Swaddlers

Best Selling Swaddlers For Baby

The first receiving Swaddler with Back, neck, and head support. The Swaddler is designed to address universal parenting concerns while dramatically improving on the basic design of the traditional Swaddler. We know that swaddling a baby will help sheep feel secure.

Your newborn needs proper head & neck support, and there is  NO OTHER Swaddler that will give your newborn the same level of support and security. The first-ever quitted, form backed Swaddler to provide head, back, and neck support (Includes removable cushion which can help prevent “flat head” syndrome ). Man Simon & Sons (P) LTD. has been a leading manufacturer, exporters, and supplies of baby Swaddlers Since inception.

  • It provides back, neck & head support.
  •  Can help reduce the risk of SIDS.
  •  Quilted back Support for a comfortable vest for baby.
  •  The unique design gives the baby a snug but comfortable fit.
  • A cushioned design may help prevent “flat head” syndrome (plagiocephaly).
  •  Can help prevent “Moro” or “startle reflex” so baby can sleep soundly.
  •  Remove crescent-shaped cushion insert provides optional extra cushioning.
  • Never leave baby, unattended. Always baby is on its back during use.
  • The Swaddlers must be properly fastened around the infant to prevent the risk of the fabric covering the mouth/nose of the body.
  • The wings must be snug around the baby’s body and the tabs should be securely fastened.
  • Immediately discontinue use it baby Shows sighs of rolling over or baby show sign discomfort in being swaddled.
  • Avoid Overheating by dressing the baby Comfortably and avoid overdressing.
  • Monitor baby’s temperature.