It is very exciting to know that a new member is expected in the family soon. And it is even more thrilling when more than one are coming together! Having twins or triplets means double the fun and if you don’t know how to save on infant clothing and other shopping, it can also mean double the expense. While thinking of dressing up your twins, most of the parents think of following the ‘all girls pink and all boys blue’ dress code. Another twins dressing rule commonly followed is to dress them alike. Though it is cute to do so, it should not necessarily be done every time. Once you take these rules out of your head, you will be much at peace while shopping.

Read on to know more ways to save on your shopping for twins.

  • First of all, make a new rule that says twins need not always look like twins. If you find a good deal, you may like to make the investment.
  • Check out for packages. As your little ones will have multiple changing sessions during their first few months, you should have more changing options rather than an expensive wardrobe for your little one. Three-in-one or four-in-one packages of baby onesies and other infant clothing types are the best investment. Also these have similar dresses, you can dress both of your twins alike if you really want to.
  • Don’t miss the clearance sales – Since you will get the good news well in advance, you will have a lot of time to shop for both seasons. Anytime you hear about season’s clearance sale, just hit the racks if you want to save money. Just keep in mind that your babies will grow and in the next season, they may need a larger size.
  • Look for consignment stores – Consignment stores do not necessarily keep second hand or used products. Some dealers who want to directly sell their products contact a consignee who will display their products and sell them giving a portion of the sale to the dealer. You may find great deals in these shops. This way, you will also build links with the shop owner so that you may also sell some of your pre-owned baby products when your kids grow up and wouldn’t need those items.
  • Join twin parents clubs – If you find such clubs and groups in your area, joining them would be a good idea. Some parents may want to sell off a few things that their kids no more use. You can save a few bucks on cots, beds, play yards, baby carriers, prams and other baby accessories.
  • Expensive clothes just for photo sessions.

You have to keep in mind that your babies will grow up before you realize and their needs will never end. Meanwhile you can save some money from infant clothing and shop for yourself; after all you will also need similar level of care for the few initial months.

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