Your newborn needs proper head & neck support, and there is  NO OTHER Swaddler that will give your newborn the same level of support and security. The first-ever quitted, form-backed Swaddler to provide head, back, and neck support (Includes removable cushion which can help prevent “flat head” syndrome ). Man Simon & Sons (P) LTD. has been a leading manufacturer, exporter, and supplies of baby Swaddlers Since its inception.

  • It provides back, neck & head support.
  •  Can help reduce the risk of SIDS.
  •  Quilted back Support for a comfortable vest for baby.
  •  The unique design gives the baby a snug but comfortable fit.
  • A cushioned design may help prevent “flat head” syndrome (plagiocephaly).
  •  Can help prevent “Moro” or “startle reflex” so the baby can sleep soundly.
  •  Remove crescent-shaped cushion insert provides optional extra cushioning.


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