Among all of the challenges that new parents face with the care of their newborns, making the baby sleep is probably the biggest. Parents have to figure out the way their baby prefers to catch a good night’s sleep. Apart from trying different methods, parents should also make sure that the baby is feeling comfortable in the place where she sleeps. For an undisturbed sleep, snug baby bedding and a comfy pillow is a must.

These days, so many different types of baby pillows are available. Not just for sleeping, pillows serve various purposes like baby nursing and cushion for car riding baby seats. Pillows for sleeping must be chosen with extra caution as this help a great deal in shaping the baby’s head. The material stuffed into these pillows is such that it shifts as the baby puts her head over it and takes the shape of the head to avoid a condition called flat spot formation in babies.

So, if you are looking for baby pillows for your little one, here are a few important factors to look for in them:

  • The fabric – Just like we all prefer cotton as the most wearable material, it is a suitable material for crib pillows as well. It is absolutely comfortable, breathable, fast-drying, and soft-touch fabric. While other synthetic fabrics and feather wool stuffing type pillows may cause skin allergies, cotton has the least chances to cause allergies. Pillows with cotton cover and stuffing are the most hygienic and safe for the babies.
  • The shape and size – While there is only a small variation in the shape and size of crib pillows, this small variation can make a lot of difference when it is about your baby. The correct sized and rightly shaped pillows are capable of supporting the delicate under-grown body part of your baby that is her head. Oversized pillows may be hazardous as they might lead to suffocation in the crib. According to experts, the most ideal shape for crib pillows is the donut shape as it provides good support to the delicate skull bone of the baby with negligible chances of causing suffocation.
  • The thickness of pillows – Thin and narrow crib pillows are considered to be the safest for babies. As the baby starts crawling, she might try to climb on the pillow and get out of the crib. This may lead to an accidental fall. Thin pillows may avoid such situations. Thus, the height of the pillows should be such that it does not aid any such activity for the safety of the baby.
  • The design – Baby pillows these days come in a huge range of designs such as floral patterns, funny animal shapes, and cute fruit shapes. It is your personal choice to select the design that appeals to you the most. But don’t get carried away with the appearance; if all the above-mentioned factors are present in the pillow, then you may go for any color and design of your choice.

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